The week was not easy.

Against the background of a fairly large amount of news and data on various currencies, night scalpers did not feel very comfortable. As a result, FAPTurbo showed several “elks” in real life, and Enterra Forex Star practically “trampled” on the spot.

As before, the DTS-1 system feels very calm on our accounts. It seems that this adviser is not afraid of any market movements, he “does not burn in the fire, and does not sink in the water.” By the way, in the next few days a detailed review of this trading robot will appear on the blog, so we will not focus on it at the moment.

Also, this week brought us the release of a new adviser to FAP Turbo Evolution (designed to work with an interbank broker Dukascopy), which was already written on the blog. The circulation of the program was limited to 2000 copies. At the moment, the sales limit has already been exhausted, and the FAPTurbo team has removed the purchase form from the site. We had time: caught the moment, and purchased a copy. Therefore, in the very near future the script will be put up for the forward test, with the results published on our blog.

Plans for the upcoming week:

  • Opening a live account with the latest Forex Mega Droid. On the demo, the adviser recommended himself very well, depressing only a very small number of transactions made by an expert;
  • a test of two old (but interesting!), and several fresh trade experts;
  • An overview of the new trading tactics of “portfolio” trading from the well-known trader Yohanes’a Gagahlin’s.

And then briefly about the news service FxCash.

  • In the coming days, FxCash starts working with a number of new and interesting brokerage firms – the announcement will be published on the website.
  • By the end of July, regular analytics of the currency markets from an experienced member of our team will be launched. In addition, quality forecasts and signals for several currency pairs will be published daily.

Good luck and successful trading this week!

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