Among dealing centers, the term “Rebate”, translated from English meaning “discount” or “price concession”, has recently acquired quite a wide use. A rebate may be with a product or service. In the foreign exchange market, it means the return of part of the spread or commission from the trading operations of a trader representing a particular broker or DC.

Over the past ten years, the growing activity of brokers has provoked an increase in competition, which in turn has given birth to various ways to lure customers away. The affiliate program has become one of the most powerful tools to enable a broker to stand out from the mainstream. At the moment there are many specialized companies that are partners of well-known dealing centers. Their specialization is the return to the traders of the main part of the deductions, that is, a rebate.

Of course, it is worth registering only with a reliable and trusted company with a well-known name. For example, a great option FxCash.RU (guarantee of bonuses, instant payment of money, a large number of positive reviews). Today, a rebate from FxCash.RU is the surest way to make money.

In order to replenish part of the cost of operations, some players are registered in such companies. After registration, you have the opportunity most of the commission for each closed operation. Becoming a member of such a program, you will only get the benefit, since you will be paid even under the condition of a losing trade. In other words – by closing a trade order to zero, you will get a certain profit. Relatively well-known rebate companies have such a large choice of brokers that it’s not difficult for a trader to find his own.

The size of the rebate is, of course, not constant, and varies depending on the conditions of your chosen company. The main advantage of returning a spread is that even a zero trade will bring profit. The loss-making is partially compensated.

There are no negative sides to this service. Registration and service of the company that provides the return of the spread is free of charge. In addition, some services provide additional. Services that can be a very attractive offer for you. They can acquaint you with trading strategies, teach trade, provide PBX, in general – contribute to your earnings. After all, these companies are directly interested in your profits.

Rebate services are increasingly appearing on the market, which makes it difficult to choose a reliable partner. Therefore, registering an account in a rebate service, thoroughly familiarize yourself with its activities, make sure that it does not inflate negative reviews.

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