A universal trading advisor is the dream of every trader, but each robot is unique in its own way and works exclusively during certain periods of time. The Israeli company Tradency has taken one of the first steps to create a universal platform that would analyze thousands of trading algorithms and select the best ones. Recently, the platform has become available thanks to the technical support of the broker AMarkets, who presented it as a RoboX service.

RoboX is a unique and yet unique service that, according to the basic parameters set by the trader, selects the best strategies from the international partner network. The platform is constantly changing its portfolio of strategies, minimizing the number of losing trades and increasing the number of profitable ones. The selection algorithm is kept secret. It is only known that RoboX is an independent platform integrated into the trading system (by analogy with Currenex), and the broker is only a provider between the service and the trader.

Benefits of the RoboX service:

  • The intellectual platform takes on what the person had to do before – analyzes the trading systems, choosing the best ones. The investment portfolio of strategies is constantly updated – the RoboX service analyzes income dynamics, adjusting portfolios. The frequency of updating the portfolio is visible to the trader;
  • easy to use, the system is fully automated, it works autonomously;
  • profitability of the most profitable portfolio – 92% per year!

How to work with RoboX service

To connect to the RoboX service, you need to open an account with AMarkets and link your account with the platform in your account. You do not need to refill your account immediately to familiarize yourself with the service. We answer three questions: the amount of the deposit (it can be less than the account balance), the purpose of trading (the minimum loss is a conservative policy, the maximum profit is an aggressive policy), the type of strategy (reliable, moderate, aggressive). Further, the trader can only select portfolios from the list.

Features of working with RoboX and its functionality:

  • the minimum deposit for connecting to the platform is $ 100. United States;
  • RoboX service fee is $ 15. US per lot;
  • You can customize notifications for open and closed positions;
  • the Guard function (account control) allows you to set limits on losses;
  • There are three modes for opening deals. Automatic opening, opening after confirmation from the trader, opening trades exclusively by the trader, closing automatically.

Before connecting to the portfolio formed by RoboX (there may be several), a trader can see the history of trading signals, traded assets, risk level in%, profit, date of creation of strategies for the portfolio.

Summary. RoboX service is a platform that unites trading advisors and selects the best of them. Now you do not need to look for the optimal robot, RoboX will do it himself. A trader can manually adjust the investment portfolio of strategies and open positions, manage risks, or rely entirely on algorithmic trading. The service is unique and has earned only a positive reputation for several months. Learn more about this platform from our partner AMarkets and earn by returning the spread with the FxCash rebate service.

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