This advisor has long been familiar to professional traders who periodically optimize its code. Despite fame, finding it for free is not so easy – those versions that are in open sources are already ineffective. The newest, optimized version of Happy Market Hours can be found on the FreshForex broker website. Its cost is about 250 dollars. United States, but the company periodically holds promotions, during which, when replenishing a deposit for a certain amount, an adviser can be obtained free of charge.

Happy Market Hours: how to make money on the trend

The Expert Advisor works on a scalping strategy with several indicators. There are no requirements for currency pairs, the test results are approximately the same for almost a dozen major pairs. Its advantage is a small drawdown, because the minimum recommended deposit is only 100 dollars. USA. The adviser does not reach the stop-out. True, there is a significant limitation: the spread should be no more than 5 points. Otherwise, the adviser will be unprofitable. The narrower the spread, the more profitable the trade. The built-in filter Happy Market Hours will not physically allow opening a trade if the spread is greater than the established norm. The stop loss and take profit levels are calculated dynamically depending on the market situation (one problem for the trader is less).

Advisor Benefits:

  • a fully automatic system that does not require the intervention of a trader;
  • clear settings, which are almost none. Advisor is a program that works on the principle of “install-trade”. True, this is partly a flaw – you need to monitor the appearance of versions optimized for changing market conditions;
  • High-risk trading methods are not used: grid building, martingale, hedging. In part, this cuts off potential profits (the adviser has a moderate return), but it also helps minimize risks.

There is no exact description of the Happy Market Hours settings, the developer tries not to advertise them, as well as not to advertise the indicators used. But there are no negative reviews about the program, so you can try to trade. it is better to start with cent accounts to select the optimal currency pair. If the asset has too large a spread, then we recommend using its partial refund service. This will help you FxCash rebate service, offering you favorable terms of partnership.

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