Scalping is a relatively dangerous strategy for those who do not know how to risk and do not fully understand the principles of the market. On the other hand, scalping is an opportunity to make money on a strong trend. The main thing is that the broker should not have restrictions on the minimum duration of the transaction (there are restrictions of at least 3 minutes), there should be no slippage and there should be a minimum margin. The task is not easy, but realizable. For example, quite good trading conditions for algorithmic trading from the broker AMarkets, where you can download a free advisor with a minimal drawdown Flatstream, working on a short-term scalping strategy.

Flatstream – ATR indicator trading

At the heart of the Flatstream advisor with minimal drawdown is the familiar ATR indicator. The indicator of the average true range, which shows the volatility of the market. It helps track market volatility. The latest version of the adviser is 2.31. True, and it was time to optimize it.

According to the results of the Bektest for 6 months, the adviser brought 27.3% (according to another Bektest – about 5% per month). The Expert Advisor with the minimum drawdown (its maximum value is 17.77%) works best on the classical EUR / USD pair. The minimum recommended deposit – from 1000 dollars. US, you can use cent accounts. Leverage is 1: 500, although we would recommend novice traders to refrain from using leverage. The minimum lot is 0.1.

Flatstream Settings:

  • StartLots – the volume of the initial lot from which order placement begins. It is used when money management is turned off;
  • MM – activate or deactivate money management;
  • MMRisk – a risk factor that indicates what percentage will be reinvested further;
  • TimeStart – the launch time for the Flatstream robot;
  • TimeEnd – Flatstream shutdown time;
  • TimeClose – the moment of closing positions that were opened earlier;
  • Step – price step at which subsequent positions will be opened;
  • OrderMax – the maximum number of open positions;
  • D_ATR – ATR period (technical analysis tool).

Advisor with a minimal drawdown Flatstream has fairly loose settings. Minimalism is not a hindrance to earnings. The formula laid down in the code quite well regains market fluctuations, using any direction of the price. This is not to say that this robot is universal or better than others. It can even be said that there are robots with greater efficiency, less risk and more trustworthy settings. But a lot depends on the skill of the trader. Therefore we download, set up and try to work in test mode. And just in case, we remind you that during the news release and at the time of the session close before the weekend, it is better not to trade. Good luck to you!

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