Are you tired of trading and want to get some rest? Then sit back and spend the next 5 minutes with rest and benefit. For you, we have prepared some interesting facts about trading, which can not leave indifferent. And even if at first glance they seem fantastic, then we assure you – these are real facts.

Curiosities of the world of investing and just interesting facts about trading

  1. Interesting fact: to become a millionaire, it is not necessary to have a higher education. 38% of investors who have earned millions, do not have it. And another 28% do not even have, in principle, any documents on education, leaving school in early years. Richard Branson and Lee Kashin are vivid examples. And if you have a higher education, but you still have doubts in your abilities, pay attention to the examples of Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, who for the first time became millionaires only after 40 years. It’s never too late to start!
  2. In mid-2016, the first sentence with a real prison sentence for spoofing was handed down in the United States to 54-year-old trader Michael Caucia. In 2011, he made hundreds of small bids and immediately canceled them, thereby manipulating prices. Another spiderman Igor Oystacher was more fortunate – he got off with a fine.
  3. The record holder for losses on the foreign exchange and stock exchange is considered to be Julian Robertson, whose fund lost $ 17 billion over 20 years. USA and went bankrupt in 2000. But if professional mistakes were the reason for this, then the following stories can only be called a curiosity:
  • In 1998, a Solomon Brothers trader accidentally leaned on a keyboard, selling government bonds worth £ 850 million.
  • In 2001, one of the Lehman Brothers traders accidentally added an extra zero in the application, bringing the bank a loss of about $ 30 million. United States.
  • In 2005, instead of selling 1 stock at a price of 610 thousand yen, the trader of Mizuho sold 610 thousand shares at a price of 1 yen, which is considered the biggest blunder in the history of trading.
  1. One of the “pillars” of Forex, Alpari broker, in January 2015 suffered a crushing fiasco. British subsidiary Alpari (UK) Limited has declared bankruptcy, losing all the money in a few days. The reason was the Swiss franc, who went into free swimming by the decision of the Central Bank.
  2. Another interesting fact about trading. One of the most reliable regulators of the world, the British FCA until 2013 was called FSA. And it was reorganized because it missed the fraud of WorldSpreads broker, whose bankruptcy was perhaps the largest in the history of trading. So should we trust the regulators?
  3. In June 2017, the court refused the private trader to pay damages and ordered him to pay back 9.5 million rubles of debt and interest. It all started interesting. In 2015, little-known Kazan trader Denis Gromov, operating in the amount of 5.5 million rubles, was able to conduct operations with currency in the amount of 42 billion rubles. In total, they carried out about 2,650 transactions, and the main complaint to the broker was that the broker did not limit the client’s losses. The essence of the claim, the court decision and the name of the broker you can easily find on the Internet. Or follow this link.

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