This Expert Advisor was developed on the classic principle of trading against the trend at the time of corrections. Indicators – a standard set, known to anyone who is at least a little versed in technical analysis. But it seemed to the developers of this a little, because they added high-risk elements to it. SWB Grid_AR is an adviser with Martingale and averaging tactics, which brings some unexpected effect to the program. A free advisor, with settings optimized for the GBP / USD pair, is available on the broker’s website AMarkets.

SWB Grid_AR – Advisor with Martingale

The EA works against the main trend, trying to catch the reversal and use the correction for its own purposes. Because of the strategy of Martingale added to the code, the recommended minimum deposit is $ 5,000. US, although the maximum drawdown is relatively moderate – 49.68%. Although cautious investors call the optimal drawdown – 15%, gambling investors – 40%, a drawdown even in half of the deposit is the norm in comparison with advisors who show a drawdown of up to 85-90%. Testing for 6 months showed a performance of 32% (according to testing on another broker’s platform, about 5% per month with a leverage of 1: 100).

The following indicators are used in the Martingale Expert Advisor SWB Grid_AR:

  • Bollinger Bands. Channel indicator, the boundaries of which often holds the price. A possible breakdown of the boundaries on the inertia of the market with the subsequent attenuation of the indicator speed indicates a correction followed by a reversal, which the adviser catches. The task of the trader is to select the optimal period of the indicator under the market trend;
  • Stochastic and RSI. Most likely, the developers preferred to play it safe, adding two confirming indicators to the code of the adviser with the Martingale at once. Given the high risk strategy, the idea is not bad. And as practice shows, quite working.

Advisor Parameters with Martingale SWBGrid_AR:

  • start_lot – the starting value of the lot;
  • range – distance in points before opening the next position;
  • level – the maximum number of open positions;
  • multiplier – multiplication parameter of the next lot;
  • use_sl_and_tp – parameters for using stop loss and take profit;
  • stealth_mode – if enabled, order levels will not be sent to the server and will be stored in the advisor’s memory.

Reviews about the adviser are different. Regarding one of the latest versions 4.1 on the trading forums, there are opinions both positive and negative: the adviser either earns a good profit, or completely “drains” the deposit. Advisor optimization is needed every 2-3 months. Advisor with Martingale is a robot for those who are willing to take risks. If there is no propensity to take risks, it is better to use proven classics – a manual strategy with stochastics and Bollinger bands. Join the discussion in the comments!

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