Automated trading saves time and often works more precisely as a trader, where the human factor plays a role. But finding a good robot is difficult. Free ones are in most cases unprofitable, and it makes no sense to pay money by buying a “cat in a bag”. Some brokers offer their customers robots, but their optimization takes a lot of time. Output: creation of a new adviser using our own trading system. It can be ordered on the MQL5 Exchange or developed by yourself. Some brokers (for example, Orbex) offer their own applications for developing a robot on MT4 without knowing the code, but they are few. The solution may be System Creator.

System Creator – a simple solution for algorithmic trading

System Creator is a free program that allows you to create trading advisors for MT4 based on input data. The program is independent, that is, requires installation.

How to work with the program:

  • Download quotes, on the basis of which System Creator will form a trading system. You can select them in the “Historical Center” tab, where 3 boot options are offered, for example, with MT4. The greater the initial data, the more adapted to the market the output will be;
  • in the “Editor” tab, you can set basic strategy parameters: deposit amount, timeframe, currency pair, deposit amount. Risk management parameters are also set: criteria for using stop orders, entry and exit from a position, etc. As the initial data is filled, the deposit curve will appear in the lower right corner;
  • in the “Generator” tab, the technical base of the future advisor is being prepared. Here you can specify the desired indicators, additional data that may affect the deposit curve. After filling, press the “Start” button and watch how the formation of the strategy is generated;
  • the finished algorithm can be optimized (tab “Optimization”). Testing the trading advisor System Creator allows you to do on multiple currency pairs at the same time. By adjusting the individual input data, you can achieve optimal equity for a particular instrument;
  • in the “Strategies” tab there is the item “Export Advisor to MT4” – this will be the last step in creating a robot.

System Creator has many options that can set up a trading system. They are intuitive, the goal is to ultimately get an upward equity and a system that meets the estimated parameters. Best of all, the strategy generator works with an interval of H4 and higher (for minute intervals, the accuracy of signals on a real account will be weak), the process of automatic generation after data entry takes 20-30 minutes.

Summary. System Creator is a simple program for simple robots. You shouldn’t expect a lot from the program – a unique adviser with a super-complex strategy cannot be done with it, but you can also make money on simple tools. We recommend to download it and try it on a demo account. It will not be worse for sure!

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