For professional trading, it is not enough just to have one computer. The computer for Forex is suitable for beginner traders as a learning and practice of trading experience, but to minimize the loss and constant trading you need more professional equipment. Understanding what is needed for trading allows us to calculate the initial costs of the technical organization of trading.

Regardless of whether you intend to trade on the exchange or over-the-counter markets, the trader will need ::

  • desktop computer. The minimum basic configuration of a computer for Forex is indicated on the broker’s website, but it is sufficient only for the simplest trading. Professionals work with several charts at the same time, displaying them on several monitors connected to the system unit, testing several strategies or trading advisors at the same time, working with graphical analysis, trading on accounts of different brokers – the basic configuration will not be enough. From the speed of information processing depends on the performance of trading;
  • laptop (tablet). Allows remote control of trading (open positions). For full-fledged trade is hardly suitable, but on vacation or a business trip will be indispensable. It can be used for trading while the main system unit is busy testing;
  • router. With it, you can network several computers for Forex (system units), but under the condition that such a function is supported by the platform itself. Convenient for multi-testing of trading advisors;
  • VPS server. Remote server provided either by the broker itself or as a standalone service. It houses a trading platform whose management remains in the event of an internet connection break. For example, closing orders by phone;
  • uninterruptible power supply and fast internet.

The main item on the cost of technical support trade remains the configuration of the computer Forex. Most of the RAM is occupied by the trading platform and testing launched on it. To speed up the speed of the platform, you can disable the constant updating of quotes and news (read more about this here). Share in the comments what equipment and what technology with which system data you use in trading!

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