We continue to review the ranking of the most expensive companies in the world. Participants in the second half consistently show annual growth, although not without dark spots. However, it is these companies analysts call the most promising in the next 10 years for several reasons:

  • The telecommunications and Internet industry remains one of the top priorities on a par with biotechnology;
  • communications are going online, so virtual sites and social networks will only grow;
  • in the hands of the owners of these companies, a unique toolkit that will allow in the future to create a new generation of technologies.

Rating of the most expensive companies in the world

6. Facebook ($ 518.37 billion). Created in 2004, a social network in three years was able to become a leader in terms of profit. Brand value at the beginning of 2018 was estimated at 162.1 billion dollars. USA. And the prospects for Mark Zuckerberg would be very good if not for a series of problems in the middle of the year: first, the leakage of these accounts, then the unsuccessful financial indicators. At present, the value of the shares is slightly less than at the beginning of 2018, but the potential remains great.

5. BerkshireHathaway ($ 518.54 billion). The permanent owner of the group of companies Warren Buffett in the past time was the richest man in the world. He invests in real estate, insurance, railways, production of goods, etc. This classic trend is inferior to high-tech companies, because Buffett gave way to the TOP-3. Like the rest of the companies, in February 2018, Berkshire Hathaway slipped strongly in price, but then won back the drawdown and is now going up.

4. Amazon ($ 628.79 billion). Founder Jeff Bezos in 2018 became the richest man. One of the largest online retailers successfully survived the dot-com crash in 2000 and today the brand value is estimated at $ 207.59 billion. USA. One of the few companies in the TOP-10 ranking of the most expensive companies in the world, whose shares are relatively stable and grow without strong drops.

3. Microsoft ($ 681.58 billion). In terms of brand value, the corporation ranks 4th with $ 200.90 billion. United States, skipping ahead of Amazon. The upward line of the price chart is also smooth and fairly flat, because this asset should be called one of the most attractive in the long term.

2. Alphabet ($ 782.68 billion). This name was received by the holding in 2015, combining Google and other areas of server management, software production, etc. According to Bloomberg, the brand value is about 302 billion dollars. USA. In comparison with Amazon and Microsoft, the price chart is not even. But with the Alphabet papers, you can earn on short positions.

1. Apple ($ 904.61 billion). Back in 1976, this corporation was a small computer company. Today it is a giant, topping the ranking of the most expensive companies in the world. The cost of the brand is 300.95 billion dollars. United States.

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