Automated trading is a new stage for a trader who already feels like a professional in manual trading. We have already paid attention to the analysis of automatic strategies in past reviews. For more information on the links, you can find out what the deposit equity should be, how to increase the stability of the system, when to stop trading, how many deals there should be for testing advisors. In this review, we will also pay attention to the nuances of testing and briefly introduce another program for creating the simplest algorithmic robots.

Testing Expert Advisors, what you need to know before starting

On the Internet, there are many advisers with ready-made backtests, but this does not mean that the program can be safely run on a real account. The effectiveness of the adviser depends on the broker, the current market situation, the currency pair, etc. Therefore, any adviser must be tested personally.

You can go the other way – you can create an adviser yourself, and for the simplest system on the basic indicators, knowledge of the code is not needed. With one such program you are already familiar from the last review – System Creator. Another good program is the MQL5 Wizard. It is designed to create robots only under MT5, but System Creator is much simpler. How to make an advisor in 5 minutes:

  • Run the program and select the desired action. MQL5 Wizard can create advisors, scripts, indicators.
  • Select input data: modules of trading signals (standard or unique, developed by traders in private). We indicate the type of indicators used and their settings, including the weight of a single indicator in the advisor (that is, defining the main and additional tools).
  • Set the type and size of the lot. It is possible to launch Martingale with the percentage of increase in the lot.

Advisor created. You should not expect much from it, but it’s rather a constructor in order to learn how to select synchronizing indicators and their settings. After testing advisors, you can move to more complex programs like System Creator.

A few words about the nuances of testing advisors:

  • Testing begins with swapping the archive of quotes. Different brokerage companies have different quality quotes, so the test results may vary. You can take reference quotes from independent suppliers, but you will have to work with a single broker. Because it is better to take brokerage quotes.
  • Trading modeling has three options. “All ticks” – the longest, but the most accurate, taking into account all the opening and closing prices. “Control points” and “On opening prices” are less accurate options, since the adviser builds a chart, not taking into account intermediate prices and closing prices. It is recommended to use these options first and only then for all the ticks. If in the last two options there are significant discrepancies, then it does not make sense to launch a long “For all ticks”.
  • Mismatch errors. There is a separate graph in Bektest – mismatch graph errors, in some other graphs there may be a mark n / a. One of the reasons for such errors is discrepancies between archive and broker quotes. To fix it, delete the archive of quotations in the data catalog by currency pair.

We invite everyone to share in the comments nuances of testing advisors. We think this topic will be useful to everyone.

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