Time flies by and another work week is over.

Our FAP Turbo has a bit of a clue. Starting from July 22, risks for all currency pairs were increased, due to this, profitability indicators are not so outstanding: immediately after the increase in the size of FAP trading positions “caught” the stop loss. Due to the low efficiency, they finally removed the USD / CAD currency pair from the demo and real currency.

Also, it upsets the behavior of the DTS-1 robot. The drawdown at risk 3 reached -10%. Not very good behavior against the background of our plans to install an expert on a real trading account. In principle, protracted drow-downs are characteristic of the strategy of the work of this adviser, so we will wait. Long-term historical tests have shown that sooner or later the DTS “climbs”. Well, let’s see.

Slightly added to the size of the account managed by the adviser Enterra Forex Star. It seems that this robot is not very good for the purpose of quickly increasing the level of equity, however, it definitely makes sense to use it for profit in the form of returns on the spread within FxCash – the adviser is very effectively “marking time”

Dragon Pips performed very well this week. The weekly “increase” of almost 20% is impressive. Although the risks are used (standard copyright settings) are significant, and a few “good” stop losses can make a difference.

The latest demo Forex Mega Droid trading robot has been added to the new demo forward test. This time we test it only on one pair. Diversification by a large number of instruments did not meet expectations.

Immediate plans for the upcoming period: tests of several new fresh advisers (including forward testing), a brief overview of the new (4.0) version of the Fractals robot, a review of the new portfolio tactics from Forex Break Through. Watch for blog updates.

* * *

Next – as usual, a brief digest of news from the FxCash.ru project in a week.

Over the past days a whole list of new dealing centers has been added to the system: FxStart, RBC Forex, Tadawul FX, Admiral Markets, and Adrenalin Forex. Thus, at the moment the service is already working with the most popular brokerage companies among traders. In addition, due to numerous requests from customers, V-Equities, as well as two other dealing centers, will be joined in the very near future. Follow the news.

Important information for existing FxCash clients: a new rule is introduced. In the event of claims, questions or comments on payments, a large request to contact technical support within 5 days (from the moment of receipt of admission). Such efficiency is necessary so that, if necessary, financial control officers can effectively protect the interests of clients before the administration of brokerage firms.

From July 25, the FxCash project will hold new and interesting monthly special bonus promotions for all users. No deceptions and tricks – only real customers of the service win. All the details and details can be found on the project forum, in the “Special Promotions and Bonuses” section. Congratulations to the winner of the contest for June: he became Roman D., his client account X502 * 7. He has already received a symbolic $ 10 on his account. A more substantial prize is being played next month. Its owner will be the trader who received the maximum charge.

Successful bidding!

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