Automation of the trading process on the Forex market has greatly simplified the work of traders, while their chances of earning an income have increased significantly. Trading signals (indicators) have become indispensable tools for many players of the currency market, relying on comfort and efficiency. These mechanical assistants are able to evaluate and mark every step of the trader from the moment of opening the transaction to fixing its results. On the basis of these data one can make practically professional decisions. Even novice players with fairly modest trading experience can rely on system tips.

Forex indicators are engaged in predicting future price changes. At the heart of their work are mathematical transformations of both the volumes of financial instruments and the prices themselves. According to functional properties, Forex advisors are divided into oscillators and trend indicators. The first are applied in the absence of a trend. On the screen, they open in a separate window. The second are displayed on the graphs on the screen. Also, traders can choose between free and paid signals.

Indicators help traders to select the most appropriate time to enter the stock exchange, as well as the moments of closing positions. In addition, they report price changes and provide recommendations for further decisions.

The player has the ability to customize the indicators used. This applies to both analytical characteristics and visual parameters (thickness of lines, color of elements, size of characters, etc.). You can also change the display modes of objects in different time periods. The adviser will be displayed only on the selected timeframes. This feature is used when there are differences in the instrument settings for different periods.

However, the view that indicators are the primary source of data does not correspond to reality. Traders should clearly understand this, otherwise in the course of their work serious mistakes will be made. Counselors cannot predict the future, their role is reduced to helping players study trends and price charts. The trader should make his own conclusions regarding the further course of the schedule independently, relying on independent indicators and primary sources of information.

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