Do you think it’s impossible to make a billion on your own before the age of 30? It is even possible, if of course try. The youngest billionaires of our rating have achieved everything themselves, at the same time offering new innovative ideas to the world. And let traders call them difficult, given that they are participants in the stock market, we believe that they fall into this category.

The youngest billionaires: a success story

Elizabeth Holmes (34 years) in 2015 owned by Theranos company worth 4.5 billion dollars. United States, which was founded by leaving the university. Unique ideas of drug development at the peak of popularity in the US biotechnology could multiply this amount by half, if not an annoying accident. One meticulous journalist was able to prove that Elizabeth provided inaccurate data and most of the information about drug testing is a lie. The SEC regulator intervened. At the moment, the cost of the company is estimated at $ 0. United States, and an investigation was launched against Holmes.

And now about the more successful youngest billionaires (billion dollars. USA):

  • John Collison (23, $ 1.3 billion). Founded in 2010 by an Irish entrepreneur, Stripe was originally engaged in electronic payments. Today the company employs about 700 people, the direction is the development of solutions for the implementation of transactions and data processing.
  • Bobby Murphy (29, $ 3 billion). The idea of ​​his instant messenger for the exchange of video and audio information of Snapchat was that the data were deleted automatically over time, solving the problem of their storage. The idea turned out to be in demand.
  • Drew Houston (35, $ ​​3.2 billion). The Dropbox hosted by him in 2007 is today one of the most sought-after cloud storage systems used by corporations to coordinate work as well.
  • Nathan Blecharzhik (33), Joe Gebbia (36), Brian Chesky (36) – $ 3.8 billion. Their Airbnb project in 2008 was originally a billboard for tenants and landlords. The banal idea has grown to a global scale and today unites about 30 million people and 1.5 million ads.
  • Jack Dorsey (41, $ 4.8 billion). The shocking billionaire is more familiar as the founder of Twitter, but his main business is Square, a company that develops software for payment systems.
  • Robert Pera (40, $ 5.1 billion). After a disastrous start at Apple, one of the youngest billionaires founded the Ubiquiti Network, which today may well compete with such vendors of server computing equipment, like Cisco and Huawei.
  • Travis Kalanik (41, $ 6.3 billion). He is remembered as the founder of Uber, from where he flew out with a scandal, creating the RedSwoosh file hosting service.
  • Jan Kum (42, $ 7.5 billion). 7 years of experience in Yahoo gave a native of Ukraine the skills that enabled him to create WhatsApp, later bought out for 19 billion by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Mark Zuckerberg (34, 75.3 billion). Donating education, Mark created a social network Facebook, which turned out to be a breakthrough.

The youngest billionaires so far continue to hold their positions, offering the world more and more new ideas. We sincerely wish you to join them!

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