The capitalization of the world cryptocurrency as of 10/01/2017 is almost 132 billion dollars. The United States, of which the traditional Bitcoin (BTC) accounts for 47%. The most popular cryptocurrencies in 2017 account for about 85% of capitalization, which indicates the failure of the remaining crypto projects. “Investors vote with money” – this is how one can characterize the viability of projects from TOP-10, the essence of which we will look at next. Recall that the cryptocurrency is a unit of account of the project, which has practical application, but most of the existing Coin Market Cap’s cryptocurrency list are HYIPs (pyramids).

Most Popular Cryptocurrency 2017

  1. Bitcoin (BTC). The first network built on the blockchain technology and which gave rise to cryptocurrency projects. Despite the fact that skeptics predict Bitcoin dying as an outdated system, investors trust it the most. The application is an international payment system that does not have an issuing center. In Japan, it has been recognized as a fiat currency since April 2017, because the most popular cryptocurrency 2017 has good prospects.
  2. Ethereum (ETH). The project is a shell for decentralized applications with smart contracts (programs for transmitting information within the network). On the basis of the Ethereum network, you can create thousands of applications by analogous to Bitcoin, because this project is predicted to be a fast leader. The most popular cryptocurrency 2017 brought investors more than 1000% in 4 months, while Bitcoin only about 400%.
  3. BitcoinCash (BHC, BCC). An alternative to bitcoin project, which appeared due to hard forks after August 1, 2017. The split arose due to the disagreement of individual investors with the introduction of the new protocol, but the project should be attributed to the problem:
  • Bitcoin Cash is not interesting for mining;
  • there are problems with the network itself, which leaves much to be desired in terms of speed and number of failures;
  • most investors remained on the side of BTC, because ARIA is unlikely to withstand competition;

So far, the cryptocurrency remains “afloat” only because of support from Bitcoin. As soon as competition between payment system counterparts intensifies, most of these projects will be closed.

  1. Ripple (XRP). The payment system launched in 2012 may become an analogue of SWIFT in the future. The task of the application is to conduct instant secure financial transactions.
  2. LiteCoin (LTC). The most popular cryptocurrency 2017 could give way to laurels of lightcoin, whose advantage is in faster execution of transactions. The problem is the limited issue of 84 million tokens, the actual number is already 52.4 million. And although many exchanges and online stores accept cryptocurrency as payment, Bitcoin has more prospects.
  3. Dash. Young cryptocurrency, which has grown several times over 2.5 years. However, while the growth rate is speculative. There is no real advantage over other projects. This is the same service of instant transactions, winning before Bitcoin only at the expense of less energy during mining.
  4. NEM (XEM). Another project for conducting transactions with coins, which is characterized by open source and POI algorithm. Popularity is driven by demand from Japan.
  5. IOTA. Another of the most popular cryptocurrencies in 2017, the project of which is an exchange network for things on the Internet (Internet of Things). The growth of this segment in 5 years will reach 1.37 billion dollars. United States, an expected increase of 4% per year. Unlike cryptocurrency, which provides financial flows, this project seems promising.

Is it worth investing in these cryptocurrencies now? You decide! Projects are promising, but they already have a speculative component. If we consider investments in ICO, then this is an even greater risk. Therefore, for a long-term perspective, we would recommend investing through exchanges, periodically tracking investor interest in projects (capitalization level).

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