Investors who have invested money in the securities of these companies at the time of their appearance could have increased their capital tenfold. But this does not mean that the train has already left. On the contrary, according to analysts, most of the companies represented in this rating can “shoot” in the next 10 years. And this is primarily about Internet platforms.

How to invest in the most expensive companies in the world in 2018:

  • enter into an agreement with a US broker or a RF broker who has access to the American market (for example, Finam’s subsidiary)
  • invest in an ETF (for example, FinEx) with an appropriate portfolio of high-tech companies;
  • Trade CFDs in stocks with any broker from a number of FxCash partners. And this option is the most attractive: here the minimum entry threshold is the possibility of a partial return of the spread. But the most important advantage is that you can earn here also on short positions, that is, on a price drop.

It is noteworthy that the leaders of the rating, according to estimates of Bloomberg and Forbes, in the company’s value of about 30% is the value of the brand itself. And here is an important point: the ratings of the most expensive companies and the most expensive brands differ. If the first five they have the same, then from 6 to 10 place in the ranking of the most expensive brands according to Forbes settled Coca-Cola, Samsung, Disney, Toyota, AT & T. And one more clarification: as of 09/01/18, the rating has already changed, in particular, Samsung has already entered TOP-10. But statistics are usually published year to year. Because the rating of the most expensive companies in the world is presented as of 01/01/2018, at the same time we compare what has changed during this time.

The most expensive companies in the world 2018

10. General Electric ($ 157.92 billion). The direction of the corporation is the production of electrical and medical equipment. Not so long ago, the corporation was a member of the TOP-5, but at the beginning of the year it closed the top 10. The company has obvious problems with management and development program. If at the beginning of the year the price for 1 share was 17.45 dollars. USA, today it is less than $ 13. USA. And with high probability in the ranking of the most expensive companies in the world in 2018, it will not fall.

9. ExxonMobil ($ 368.51 billion). The world’s largest oil-producing corporation was founded by Standard Oil, which was once created by John D. Rockefeller. There was a time when Exxon Mobil was more expensive than Amazon, but the price of oil largely affects the quotes. In early February, the stock price fell amid the collapse of stock indices and so far has not returned to the level of 01/01/18. But the rise in oil prices contributes to the fact that Exxon Mobil is likely to remain among the most expensive companies in the world in 2018.

8. JPMorganChase ($ 389.56 billion). Slowly but surely, the Bank of the USA among the TOP-5 in terms of assets in the world, which successfully showed itself during the 2008 crisis, is rising in price. Despite the fact that it is unlikely to increase significantly in price in 10 years, in the short term, it is worth paying attention to it.

7. Johnson & Johnson ($ 394.53 billion). The giant in the medical, pharmacological industry sells its products in 170 countries. Established in 1886, the corporation since the beginning of the year has lost in the price of about 30-35 billion dollars. US, but gradually restores its position and is likely to remain in the ranking of the most expensive companies in the world in 2018.

To be continued …

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