Investing, trading, business – with these words is primarily associated business man in a jacket and tie, a sort of financial shark from Wall Street, earning on the ups and downs of stocks. Stereotypes, no more. We have made for you a small selection of the most influential and equally beautiful women investors whose experience may be interesting. And believe me, many of them can make a serious competition to men!

Women Investors of the Present

As practice shows, men are more innovative. They own new developments, they create entire networks of corporations, or make money on speculation. Women, on the contrary, manage capital in a measured, thoughtful way, trying to find something that can bring profit in the future.

  • Abigail Johnson (President and CEO of Fidelity Investment. $ 17.2 billion). The company was founded by her grandfather, because it was logical that after the end of Harvard, she came here as an analyst. Gradually developing, she reached the level of CEO and today Abigail manages investment funds with a capital of $ 2.2 trillion.
  • Adena Friedman (President of the NASDAQ OMX Group). The first female investor, who became the head of one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. She is well versed in innovative technologies, supporting the ideas of the blockchain and venture technology start-ups.
  • Rebecca Lynn (co-founder of Canvas Ventures). Feminine and charming, she is also a professional investor. The main focus is to support venture projects in the field of digital health and artificial intelligence.
  • Polianna Chu (Founder of Kingston Financial Group. $ 7.8 billion). Her family was in the hotel business. Chu could continue the family tradition, but chose to invest. And today, her company successfully competes in the area of ​​underwriting with such giants as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.
  • Kirster Green (founder of Forerunner Ventures). Ever since her youth, she was fascinated by stock market analytics, and this made her fortune. But her main merit is in creating the ALL Raise Women’s Club, which unites women investors who are willing to invest in venture projects.
  • Anna Miura-Ko (Floodgate partner). Surprisingly, women more often prefer high-risk projects than men. Anna invests in software development for artificial intelligence. By the way, she can print the English alphabet in 4 seconds.
  • Marianne Lake (CFO JPMorgan Chase). Her first serious job was as a PwC accountant, and now she manages a bank’s investment portfolio of $ 2.5 trillion.
  • Leda Braga (Systematica hedge fund manager). This investment fund with assets worth more than $ 10 billion is one of the largest in the world with offices in several countries around the world. It was created in 2015 and Leda Braga is not only its founder, but also its leader.
  • Isabelle dos Santos (pictured at the beginning of the article). This girl can rightly be called one of the prettiest investors. Despite the fact that she is the daughter of the President of Angola and the richest girl in Africa (about $ 3.5 billion), she is engaged in investing. Main areas: telecommunications and oil and gas sector.

And yet the percentage of men in the field of investment is higher than the number of girls. However, for someone it is the opposite challenge – a kind of incentive to prove that women may well be investors on an equal basis with men. We recommend another interesting selection of investors!

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