One of the biggest problems in trading on Forex after slippage, requotes, and freezes of the platform is the broker’s incompatibility with real quotes. In theory, brokers who disclose information about suppliers include world agencies Reuters, Electronic Broking. Because quotes would have to be adequate. However, if the trader uses external additional tools (or social trading) for analysis, the mismatch of quotes on short timeframes is fraught with a loss. To avoid such situations, a free social network was created, the TradingView investor community.

TradingView – real online quotes

TradingView is a network that serves the trader as an additional alternative reference tool for technical analysis. In addition, here are the most accurate quotes, and almost about 10 different graphs:

  • classic candle and bar graphics;
  • linear and with filling the bottom area;
  • Kagi and Renko professional graphics for building reversal models;
  • tic-tac-toe to identify short and long-term trends;
  • linear breakthrough graph, based on a unique formula for constructing boundary and average price values.

Benefits of TradingView:

  • optimal information. The TradingView chart is equipped with more than 60 functions and tools, which is more than half of the platforms. Nothing superfluous, only the most necessary indicators and tools. Among the arsenal of the service are such combined tools as Zig Zag, Momentum, Connors RSI, Aroon, TRIX;
  • constant updating of quotes for all assets online;
  • easy to use interface and interactivity.

After registration, the user is immediately offered the opportunity to receive training on the basic functions of a live schedule.

On the TradingView website you can meet new like-minded, professional traders. Pay attention to such sections as “Ideas”, “Scripts”, “Strategies” and “Indicators”. Here, the information from the traders themselves is available free of charge and constantly updated.

Summary. TradingView is a great assistant for novice traders. For professionals, it may seem too simple and unnecessary (taking time), but for beginners it is a safety net against a possible broker’s fraud, a free service with excellent functionality. Try its features and share your impressions in the comments!

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