Trust management is one of the ways to manage money. On the basis of a trust management contract, a trustee or professional trader with extensive experience in conducting financial transactions at Forex and other platforms, participates in trading using your money. The manager acts on his own behalf, but in the interests of the beneficiary in accordance with the trust management agreement. Such a contract should reflect the following conditions:

  • The minimum amount of cash to invest;
  • The minimum time for investment;
  • Investment strategies;
  • Levels of investment risks, as well as conditions for their compensation;
  • Terms of payment to the manager for the performance of his work;
  • Responsibility of both parties to a management contract.

That’s why it is not at all necessary to study all the subtleties of financial transactions, when you can simply transfer your money under the trust management of a professional trader. They can be both private traders and companies providing brokerage services.

Finding reliable and proven companies is still easier than private traders. They are more open, more information about them on the Internet and financial media. Should pay attention to those companies that exist for more than 3 years. The higher the term of work, the better, because fraudsters can not long hold on the market of services.

Search for private traders should be on the trading forums located on the sites of dealing centers. When giving money under management, you should first make sure that the trader is competent. Get evidence, for example – a trade report (statement) for the year. The trader’s refusal to provide a report is a disadvantage for him. After all, an investor should know that he trusts money not to an amateur.

Traders are professionals who know all the subtleties of the foreign exchange market and understand what is happening at the moment on the securities market. Investing funds using a trust management agreement creates confidence in the profitability and justification of the risks of such a method of investing cash.

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