What is a broker affiliate program? Many people immediately have an idea that this is getting some profit for attracting new customers. Some even draw an analogy with MLM networks. In part, this is the case, but the general idea of ​​affiliate programs is too large for most people, and everything that is not fully understood causes rejection.

Each broker is interested in attracting new clients and is ready to share part of their profits for the volumes. There are many options for attracting new customers: chatting on forums and targeted events, creating a group or a video channel on social networks, attracting referrals through your own website. Partly about the ways of earning already discussed in this article. Now we’ll take a closer look at the types of affiliate programs.

Choose an affiliate program

Earnings on attracting referrals can be both active and passive. By registering on the site, a potential partner in a personal account creates a separate affiliate account. After verification, the partner receives a promotional link, through which the referral (potential client) goes to the broker’s website. In the case of registration of the trader and the real replenishment of the deposit partner receives a percentage. Also, the broker provides free of charge:

  • Landing templates (to create your site);
  • various informers (informational applications for websites);
  • electronic business card layouts, etc.

A broker provides a framework that needs to be refined independently, but this is still better than developing a campaign to attract completely from scratch.

Types of affiliate programs:

  • a classic program with the construction of a multi-level system. This is an analogue of MLM networks. The broker is ready to share part of their profits or a fixed percentage of the trader’s turnover. The partner can attract referrals or create a team of the same partners. For example, if each referral brings in 10% of profit, then from 100 USD the partner receives 10 cu, of which 1 cu gets to the organizer (i.e. is passed higher to the next level) If two partners have 5 referrals, then the organizer automatically gets 10 cu, without doing anything. The essence of earnings is to find good marketers and psychologists who can convince people;
  • rebate program. It provides the opportunity for a partner to share their profits with the trader. For example, a trader loses $ 20 on a spread. USA, 10 of which go to the partner for the attracted client. A partner can referral to compensate for part of the loss from 1 to 10 dollars. USA. And let the partner not fully give up all the profit, for the trader even $ 5. The US will have a psychological meaning;
  • White Label. The program to create your own business. In fact, the partner buys the accumulated technical base of the broker (in particular, the platform) and provides trading services on its own behalf;
  • regional representative. Partly reminiscent of the previous scheme, only services are provided on behalf of the broker. The opening of the regional center provides for fully-functional trading support, but for this, the broker must make sure that the partner does not harm his reputation.

These are the most frequent offers that can be found with most brokers. In fact, attracting customers is not so difficult if you know the strengths of a particular broker and have personal trading experience. Therefore, choose any of the brokers, open a real account and save thanks to the best offers to return the spread from the FxCash rebate service!

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