Not so long ago, using the example of one of the sites, we talked about how it is necessary for novice foreign exchange market players to act who want to master the binary options trading technology. Namely, how to try your hand at the demo version, what are the conditions of the sites, etc.

In this article, we will again focus on the practical part and tell you more about what types of binary options can be found on trading floors.

Binary options are a modern tool for successful trading

Binary options have several types. Your choice will directly depend on which strategy you prefer in the foreign exchange market. Note, for a deep understanding of the movement trend of a currency pair, knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis is necessary! Do not rely on the rapid high yield of the tool without understanding the basics of economic analysis.

The simplest types of binary options are of three types:

  • “binary high / low”. A simple option that even a novice trader will easily handle. You make a deposit into the account, make a bet, anticipating the price movement of the asset (up or down). If by the time the option is exercised, the price of the asset has changed in the direction you have foreseen, you will receive an income;
  • “Range”. This option must be used if you can predict that the price of the asset will be at the time the option is exercised within the range you have foreseen. The percentage of income depends on the accuracy of the forecast;
  • “One Touch Touch.” Option for professionals. Allows you to get the maximum profit in the event that the value of the asset has reached a well-defined level (upper or lower limit).

From the side trading binary options may seem like a tape measure: made a bet, guessed it – made a profit. But not everything is so simple. When playing roulette it is almost impossible to win, but it is quite possible to gain income from trading in binary options.

Any trend of a currency pair in Forex depends on many factors, which are discussed in more detail in fundamental and technical analysis. If you grasp this knowledge, understand the underlying causes pushing the currency pair in one direction or another, it is possible to make an accurate forecast. And the deeper you go into this very science of the foreign exchange market, long described by professional traders, the more accurately you can make a forecast. And the more accurate the forecast of the behavior of the currency pair, the higher the level of income!

We think we’ve given a little hint to you in which direction to act if you decided to become a trader in the binary options market. We sincerely believe that everything will work out for you, and we will try to make our own contribution to your just cause!

Stay tuned and we will tell you a lot more interesting information about trading in the Forex market!

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