Bonuses at brokers – one of the ways to attract new customers (or keep old ones). Bonuses push you to replenish the deposit with a larger amount than originally estimated or to conduct a larger number of transactions.

  • Important: some bonus programs are traps, because of which the client loses money. This can not be called fraud, because the broker simply uses the client’s ignorance. Part of the bonus programs can be waived!

Broker Bonuses: Types and Need

1. Welcome Bonus

This bonus is offered by brokers at the first deposit replenishment. Its percentage depends on the type of account opened by the trader. For example, uTrader broker offers a bonus of up to 50% of the deposit when depositing funds up to 1000 dollars. USA. and up to 150% – when replenishing more than 50 thousand dollars. United States.

This bonus should be used with caution for several reasons:

  • the bonus needs to be worked off. It is logical that after replenishing the deposit for 1000 dollars. US immediately withdraw 1000 + 50% can not. Moreover, in almost all cases, the bonus is returned to the broker. For example, a deposit of 1000 dollars. US $ 500 USA – a bonus. As a result of a successful transaction, you increase the deposit by 50% (1500 * 1.5 = 2250). You can withdraw only 2250-500 = 1750 dollars. USA. True, without a bonus, the profit would be 1500 dollars. United States;
  • When using the bonus, the broker can set the conditions for the withdrawal of money. For example, you can withdraw profit only after 20-30 transactions (profitable or unprofitable).

Welcome bonuses for brokers work on the principle of leverage, that is, your money burns first. If in the previous example, the trader got a loss of $ 1000. US, then on his account will be 500 dollars. US bonuses, but it will not be possible to withdraw them.

  • Tip: use the opportunity to refuse the welcome bonus (they will immediately add it without your consent after depositing the account) before trading! If anything, you have the right to it.

2. Next Deposit Bonus

There is not every broker (and the sense to encourage the trader, if he already replenishes the account?). It serves as a way to keep customers smaller than welcome.

3. No Deposit Bonus at Broker

Does not provide for the initial stage of the real account replenishment. The real scheme for smart novice traders and a trap for simpletons:

  • (trap) after a successful trading, the broker will offer to withdraw profits, but only after a real refill. Yes, and then the withdrawal of money may be difficult;
  • (a good option for newbies), the broker holds various contests, according to the results of which the best traders receive real money. True, to become the best is not easy.

4. Pending Bonus

It can be obtained after a certain number of deals, information about the bonus is reflected in the progress bar.

5. Special bonuses:

  • carrying out risk-free transactions (for example, 1 per day – the broker fully compensates for the loss, depending on the size of the deposit);
  • receive free signals;
  • bonus for attracting new traders (affiliate programs).

Summary. Bonuses at the broker may not always be useful for the trader. Do not rush to use them, but first check with the managers of the conditions for their receipt and return. Read reviews about bonus systems on specialized sites and join the clients of FxCash rebate service – we will tell all about bonuses!

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