We think that we will not tell anything new to this article, but we believe that there is still a need to consolidate information. At least, at least 30 traders per month ask this question in search engines. Traditionally, the first thing that comes to mind is that in Forex you can only make money directly by trading, but there are other types of earnings in Forex, which we will describe next.

How to make money in Forex

  1. Directly trade. Everything is clear here: we are talking about making money on the speculation of the value of an asset. But we focus on a couple of points:
  • Swap. Fee for postponing the position to the next day. Paradoxically, but several times a year it can be earned. This is possible due to changes in interest rates of different countries, and the strategy itself is called carry trade.
  • Ribate. Let it not earn money, but it can also be used in trading. It is a partial reimbursement of trading costs.
  1. PAMM accounts. Conservative form of income, which is an analogue of trust management. The investor himself chooses the accounts of managers, to whom he will entrust money for a percentage of the profits.
  2. Social Trading. Another conservative type of earnings in Forex, resembling essentially PAMM management. Here, the investor does not transfer money to the management, but automatically copies the trades opened by the trader.
  3. Affiliate programs. Attract new traders – earn a percentage of their turnover. If you consider yourself an excellent marketer, then this type of earnings in Forex is for you! Build a multi-level referral system and earn money without participating in the trade.
  4. Selling signals. If you have developed a unique system and you can earn money, but you do not want to share it, earn money by selling signals. This is partly an analog of social trading, but the decision to use signals or not takes the trader. You can create an alarm service with automatic distribution of information (programmers will help).
  5. Writing advisors. There are two options: develop a unique strategy and sell it both as a hand tool and as an adviser. Or learn MQL5 and write advisors for other traders for a given technical task.
  6. Create a brokerage company. Why not? True, you need a rather big start-up capital, but you can use the White Label. In the budget option, creating a site with a platform will cost 50-60 thousand dollars. United States.
  7. Conducting webinars and seminars. Or more simply, consulting activities. If you have the knowledge and experience, why not share it on a paid basis with other traders? True, to attract listeners, you need to unwind your name.
  8. Writing analytical articles. Many analytical resources are willing to pay money if your predictions or articles increase site traffic.
  9. Keeping your own blog. This is about creating your own online Forex resource for the purpose of its promotion. This can be an analytical or investment blog. You can earn on advertising or affiliate links, and selling your own strategies.

All these types of earnings in Forex are available to almost everyone. If you have more options on how to make money in trading, write them in the comments!

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