The current trading week is fairly calm for the Japanese yen. The price all week is trading in the range of 60 points. There were no important statistics from Japan this week, and there will not be any more, since tomorrow there is a day off in the country, so the dynamics of trading is determined by the change in the value of the US dollar. The dollar index yesterday was adjusted after strong growth on Monday, and as a result we see another downward wave for the pair USD / JPY. Today will not be an exception and trading will take place under the influence of the dynamics of changes in the value of the US dollar. In the first half of the day, important statistical data are not expected, therefore, the trades will most likely take place calmly with the continuation of the downward movement. During the American session, an important statistical block will be released and the dynamics of trading will depend on the discrepancy between the actual data and forecasts. And in the late afternoon, the FOMC protocol will have an impact on the pair. On the four-hour chart, we see the development of the next downward wave. How strong it will turn out depends on how the price reacts to the level 111.70. If the price pushes this level, then the price will open for itself the prospect for a reduction to the level of 110.00. With a rebound from the level of 111.70, we can expect growth of quotes with the first goal at 112.60, and during the breakdown to 113.30.

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