At the moment there are a huge variety of methods for analyzing the market, so it is sometimes quite difficult to understand all their diversity. There is no clear and unique plan of action, a single package of tools. In the same situation, different traders may behave completely differently. Sometimes different trading methods contradict each other, but each of them is quite profitable. All novice traders behave rather erratically and in making transactions rely more on their intuition than on trading methods. But, in order to achieve really stable success, it is necessary to accumulate vast experience in the field of Forex trading. Beginners should not rely so heavily on intuition, as it accumulates over the years with experience. The same applies to the use of trade rules and various indicators. Thus, while the trader has not developed his own forex trading system, his deposits are doomed to margin calls. The question arises – how can a trader learn to navigate in the whole variety of trading solutions, how to learn to follow the right trends? The answer is quite simple – you need to build your own forex trading system, that is, to determine a number of rules on the basis of which to make an analysis of the market to make decisions. In practice, each individual trader has its own rules. Different traders may have different rules, but both be successful and extract substantial profits. Work on the Forex market can be called quite emotionally comfortable, since there are clear rules for trading, the trader can feel quite confident and has the ability to conduct a detailed analysis of the market. The trader, in order to quickly form their own forex trading system, you need to decide on your currency pair. It is not recommended to spray your efforts on several currency pairs at once, since such a large amount of information is difficult to keep in your head. Trading is much easier to debug on one single tool, gradually adding to it new and following the trends and behavior of the forex trading system. It is also necessary to realize that the trading system, which has proved itself well when working with one currency pair, can be disastrous and unprofitable when working with another. The second important point is the choice of the time interval for trading. Each individual trading period uses its own rules. For beginners, the choice within day trading is preferable, since it is difficult for them to hold positions open for a long period of time, especially if they have begun to make a profit. It is worth noting that for intra-virgin trade, there are rules that differ from the rules of medium-term and long-term trade. It is also important for a beginner to decide on the technique used and the fundamental data. What kind of analysis, technical or fundamental, is more reliable and correct? It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. Some people believe that fundamental data should be fully adapted to the technology, others argue that technical data is nothing more than a result of events in the global economy. Each trader must make an independent decision and choose which trading methods he will use in his work. However, it is worth noting that the method of fundamental analysis is better suited for opening mid-term and long-term orders, since it most reflects the changing macroeconomic situation.

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