Investors are not born – they become after many years of hard work, aimed at improving their knowledge and instilling the power of the spirit. Not everyone has the patience to go this way to the end, but even attempts to overcome his first meters are worthy of respect. The only question is how to take the first step and find strength in yourself. For beginning traders, we have prepared quotes for investors who could help you find the motivation. And this is more likely not quotes (as literal they do not see the meaning of the transfer), as much as what investors considered most important.

Quotes from investors who have fulfilled their dream

8. Roger Babson (the first investor who was able to predict the collapse of the market in 1929). You should not ask where the money has gone, but it is worth thinking where to invest what is. In other words, you should not focus on past losses (although you definitely need to analyze them), you need to think where to invest further.

7. Karl Aykan (a billionaire with a non-standard approach, reviving loss-making companies):

  • If the majority of investors, including professionals, agree with something, their opinion is often wrong. Aykan proposed a unique investment approach based on opposing the “crowd opinion” and quite successfully implemented it.
  • There are two sins in investing: do something without thinking and do nothing at all.

6. George Soros (the billionaire who beat the Bank of England). “After the understanding comes that mistakes in judgment and assessment of the environment are part of the human essence, it is no longer a shame to get into a mess. Provided that the error can be corrected. “

5. John Templeton (a philanthropic investor who made money on shares of illiquid companies). If you invest as everyone does, then the result will be the same as everyone else. This judgment applies more to the majority of those who thoughtlessly invest money and then lose it. Professionals each have their own individual path.

4. Sam Zell (outrageous billionaire). “Losers can also be interesting.” An interesting quote from an investor who staked on venture projects, earning on shares of “junk” companies, which ultimately showed excess profits. A good example of a reasonable but high risk.

3. Peter Lynch (head of one of the largest mutual investment funds Magellan):

  • Anyone who knows mathematics at least at school level can become a trader. You only need to know how to properly apply this tool and it comes with experience.
  • Do not invest money in an idea whose essence cannot be explained on the fingers.

2. William Sharp (Nobel Prize winner in economics in 1990). For those instruments, the expected profitability of which is higher than others, a more pessimistic perspective is in crisis. In other words, the fact that it grows faster in favorable times will give more in worse times.

1. John Keynes (founder of macroeconomic theory). Investing is the prediction of profitability over the life of an asset. Attempts to predict market behavior are speculation.

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