Enchanting takeoff and not less than enchanting fall – this is how the movement of the cryptocurrency rate in 2018 can be described. Literally in a matter of weeks, the market capitalization soared several times, reaching in January the historical ceiling of over $ 820 billion. The United States, and after 11 months, rested against the resistance level of 120 billion. Some consider the cryptocurrency to be a bubble, some consider the technology of the blockchain itself as a new technology of the future, and someone earns on the movement of courses. Forex brokers have long ago provided the opportunity to earn short positions on the PTS, ETH, XRP, BCH, etc. What is the cryptocurrency rate in 2019?

Cryptocurrency exchange rate 2019

A few months after a massive sell-off, capitalization was in a relatively narrow outback of 200-250 billion dollars. USA. And although the scandalous fork of the BHC was blamed for the capital drawdown on November 14, it was known a long time ago. So it can not be the deciding factor. The situation with the BCH showed how unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

The year 2018 showed several major trends that will continue to lead next year:

  • Fundamental factors go into the background. The biggest impact on the price has a big capital, miners and panic. The rate of cryptocurrency will remain poorly predictable.
  • States do not want to support the blockchain. This requires significant changes in legislation and the development of control methods. While this is not there and this is a stumbling block for cryptocurrency.
  • New platforms will move away from mining algorithms. This problem is still not resolved in the PTS and ETH, which is why Ethereum has already lost one line, falling to 3rd place.
  • Cases of fraud will increase. The ICO series has one goal: to collect investors’ money and then, under various pretexts, to curtail work. Or disappear in the worst case.

In 2019, the cryptocurrency market expects a massive cleaning. Most of the projects (according to pessimistic forecasts about 90%) will be abandoned by developers as useless. The very perception by investors of the concept of cryptocurrency will change. If the rapid growth of the past year and the lack of understanding of technology has caused the label “bubble”, “pyramid”, then in 2019 the cryptocurrency will cease to be a speculative tool. China is already developing an organizational system that will be controlled by the regulator and will be able to replace the existing payment system. It’s not about cryptocurrencies, but about implementing a blockchain to increase the speed and security of transactions.

Based on the foregoing, the cryptocurrency exchange rate of 2019 has two variants of the scenario:

  • Growth. Optimists believe that cryptocurrencies have slightly rolled back, so that big business has introduced money at the bottom, spurring demand and returning faith in coins. Last year, analysts Saxo Bank talked about 60 thousand dollars. US for military-technical cooperation.
  • Recession. Wave theory shows that the course of the PTS (specifying the strength of the market) moves along cyclical patterns. In 2011, after 19 months, the PTS fell by 94%. In 2013, the PTS lasted 7 months to fall by 83%. Now 11 months have passed and the PTS has fallen by 80%. So there is still potential for a decline.

The second option (albeit not so pessimistic) seems more logical. The cryptocurrency rate in 2019 expects a further downward correction, but the future of the blockchain technology itself. And you should watch her sometimes, so as not to miss the good moment of investing!

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