The main goal of Forex trading for all traders (as opposed to banks and large corporations) is to make a profit on currency differences. You need to buy cheaper to sell more expensive, or vice versa.

From this it becomes clear that the main thing is to buy at a lower price in time, in order to then sell for more, or sell at a higher price, in order to buy cheaper and earn. Thus, entering the Forex market, as well as closing a position and exiting the market, are fundamental to any strategy.

Not to say that you need to enter the Forex market at a strictly certain moment. If this time were strictly defined and somehow calculated, then no one would have problems with earnings. But not one trader, even with extensive experience and knowledge, does not know 100% how the market will behave. Therefore, when to open a position, everyone decides for himself, based on what he sees on the price chart, what indicators show, how the price of a currency pair is influenced by news, and so on.

Indicators and market entry points

Indicators that determine market entry points may be different. As a rule, a combination of several indicators is used, which are selected individually depending on the strategy as a whole, including money management, as well as a trading pair, timeframe, and so on.

The entry point can be a minimum for a certain period (the price can hardly go further down, so you should open a buy position) or a maximum (in this case, accordingly, a sell position is opened). Figures of continuation or trend change can serve as signals to open a position in the corresponding direction. Indicators that show overbought or oversold markets in conjunction with the price approaching the chart to support or resistance levels are also signals to enter the market.

Thus, there is no strictly defined parameter that would speak in favor of entering the market. Each trader makes a decision himself, based on the analysis of a variety of data, including the macroeconomic situation and financial news. It is the need to analyze and do the right, rather than the opposite, conclusions that makes trading on the international foreign exchange market highly profitable. But possible errors increase the risks.

Remember that making the right decision in 100% of situations is impossible, but careful analysis will allow you to find the right entry point to the market, while entering at random will result in the loss of all or a significant part of the capital.

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