Regular news from the service!

A bridge for the equipment of the dealing center Tadawul FX is connected to the instant charging system. That is, now, trading in this broker, after each closed transaction on your balance in the account, the amount will be added according to the table of charges.

FBS Dealing Center is preparing to connect to the instantaneous charge (MN) system. Technical work is already underway to complete, and upon completion of this we will immediately announce.

We remind you that the MN payment for each transaction you close is charged within 1-3 seconds. The withdrawal of credited funds can be ordered immediately, as many times as necessary — applications for withdrawal are processed around the clock, seven days a week, as a rule, within a few minutes. Less often – hours. But not more than a day.

We notice, especially lately, that many site visitors do not really understand what we are doing, how it all works, and why it works (why we pay :)) Therefore, we remind the guys if you have questions, contact our technical support – our employees will tell everything in detail, show, explain.

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