Forex trading is widespread. For many people, trading is real money. However, quite often the main obstacle to the “big money” is the lack of knowledge of the technical side of the issue – the inability to handle the platform chosen for trading. Fortunately, the development of technology and the financial sector allows you to automate trade in the market, which is a significant relief for most traders. For these purposes, platform manufacturers have developed an automated trading system, in other words, a robot advisor who, without a trader, implements his chosen strategy. For example, with a certain sign, the program makes the decision to either sell or buy the currency. The automatic system is acquired as additional software that trades for the trader. There are many different advisors that are used depending on the time interval and the volume of the operation. Usually, there are several main robots.

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When using the scalping method, the robot advisor opens many different orders for short intervals that close with a small profit. Do not forget about the spread. As often, the broker’s commission literally “eats” and so small profit. A good choice for scalping advisor is Ray Scalper.

On the H1 interval, which is very popular with professional traders, they use a special advisor that gives a positive result only in this time interval. In the program, signs signaling a robot to sell or buy a currency are calculated based on the Pivot levels and other parameters derived from the chart.

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One of the best automated systems is considered to be the Martingale adviser, which, according to traders’ stories, gives an almost 100% result, for which it is so popular among traders. The idea is that over time, the volume of operations will automatically increase, which, in turn, increases the possibility of a positive outcome. For example, one of the popular advisors of the Martingale strategy is Pipswinger.

For novice traders, Metatrader advisor will do. This system is suitable for any currency pair, which is achieved by setting the correct settings for the selected currency. With positive dynamics, Metatrader opens several positions at once, which increases profits. Of course, this is not all possible options that are used as automated advisors.

The main thing is to select the program in accordance with your goals: what currency pair do you intend to trade, what spread and size of the deal do you expect. With the right strategy and with a competent robot advisor, you will certainly achieve the effect you need.

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