Why do freelance traders go to trade in Cambodia and Goa? But not because it’s cold in Russia, but it’s warm there.

Although, a good climate can attract traders to blessed Asia. The meaning of their move is quite simple – they want to deal only with trading. Domestic turmoil, traffic jams, cold and bustle – are a thing of the past. That is, in Russia.

It is noticed that the human brain works very productively if it is not loaded with anything except the main work. That is why, under the Soviet Union, scientists settled in Akademgorodok and made it possible to live — not to grieve. They were required to do one thing – mental activity.

Did you decide to choose Cambodia for temporary work? We advise you to settle in Sihanoukville. It is quite comfortable and pleasant to spend time. Sea, beach, massage, cheap prices for everything. You can rent a bike and ride around. It would be nice to visit the nearest islands, to see the ruins of cities of antiquity. But we must remember that in Sihanoukville you may be a little bored. Although, it all depends on your temperament. If you want fun, you’ll find it there. With English, there may be certain problems. Russian holidaymakers in Cambodia is not very much. This has its plus and minus. The Indian state of Goa is quite cheerful. Especially the town of Arambol. There are many Russians and Ukrainians settling for the winter. They live there in whole colonies. Not only traders work in Goa, but also writers, programmers, designers and other craftsmen. Everything in Goa is very cheap, at least prices cannot be compared with Moscow. It is necessary to adapt and know where and what to buy, where and from whom to rent. Prices in Goa will be several times lower for you than in the Russian outback. English know everything is fine there, from young to old. Yes, and around ours! The Internet works without any problems, so you can trade! In the winter in Cambodia and Goa is not hot and not cold, but warm. Comfortable temperature also has a beneficial effect on mood and on the art of trading.

P.S. Do not forget that FxCash will pay you for each trade deal up to $ 64, no matter where you are.

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