Everyone who wants to learn how to trade from scratch (no matter if it’s a question of the stock market of a particular country, or Forex) is faced with the problem: where to start? Obviously, in the age of information technology, familiarity with trading begins with the Internet. But whatever query you ask, the search engine will give you dozens of links. Which one to press? After all, for the most part it is advertising a broker or affiliate program. How to start learning in principle?

Learning to trade from scratch

According to statistics, about 5% of people achieve success in trading. The rest either surrender at the very first losses, or are looking for other options for earnings. For example, conduct courses. There are hundreds of courses of one or another trader in the network, which show what successful traders are. But if they earn so much in reality, why should they share their success? Tell me, have you seen a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are ready to reveal to each one a scheme for a built business?

The situation is similar with the free rates of brokers. Their task is to attract your money. They are not interested in you earning. As an example, they will show you a couple of successful traders as advertising. Yes, this trader can get something, but where is the guarantee that he will succeed in the future? No one will teach you trading. Only you can learn and you don’t need to pay money for it! There is a lot of theoretical information and there are forums where in most cases the same traders sit as you do.

However, there are some advantages to trading from scratch with the help of webinars and DC courses:

  • Discipline education. To get to the courses, you need to tear off the fifth point from the sofa, go somewhere, etc. For many, after the main work, going to some other courses seems like a torment. If so, then you should not even think about trading.
  • Collectivity. “Alone in the field is not a warrior” – attending courses or even remote participation in webinars morally encourages action. Where the hands can fall, will support the morale of society.
  • Meet the risks and basic theoretical concepts. Without this, nowhere and here there can be no discrepancies. Oscillator – he is also an oscillator in Africa, so you should not be afraid of a dirty trick here.

Conclusion. Trading does not need to learn. You need to be able to feel the market, understand it at first sight. If you do not see the entry point, then you should not look for them in depth – you will dig a hole for yourself.

You can learn the alphabet of trading, but not the trade itself. The more you watch webinars and listen to “smart uncles” in the courses, the more it will seem difficult and confusing to you. It is important to understand what influences the price, learn the basics of working with the platform, understand the essence of the indicators – this information on the Internet is the sea. But this is all theory. But to hammer head practice, guided by the advice of others at the initial stage is not necessary. Learning to trade from scratch is your self-education. Find your own trading system – let it be its own, unique, but this way you will better understand the market. And of course, do everything only on a demo account, gradually switching to centoviki. Agree with our opinion? If not, we are waiting for your opinion in the comments!

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