One interesting book says that people increase their own potential by developing strengths, and not overcoming weaknesses. Real masters make their own imperfections imperceptible and reach heights, using the advantages to the maximum.

If you learn through educational trading with diverse markets and trading styles, you are looking for your own strengths. The success of a trader will manifest itself in other areas of life. If one of the advantages is quickness of thinking, then you are more likely to succeed in short-term trading. When you are at home with computers and mathematics, you will be able to find a place in system trading. Your ideal trading niche will be the one that allows you to use your own strengths.

A person who is going to succeed in exploring markets is likely already doing something similar in life. For example, if in your childhood you were engaged in collecting photos of famous footballers, then you are quite able to collect market data and use it for trading.

When successful short-term traders start their own careers, it often happens that in the past they spent time playing poker or visiting a casino. Experience risk and instant decision-making is their strength. Traders who work in hedge funds usually have a completely different biography related to science.

The formula for success: find what you can do is not very bad and think about how to use it in trade. Hence the conclusion: if you do not know your strengths, then find the most detailed psychological test. Everything else will depend on your karma.

Why you can not quickly make a profit while trading on the stock exchange?

One sensible idea, which is often overlooked by traders, is that mastery takes time. How many? Probably ten years. Therefore, if you are not ready to wait so much time, you will have to either accept the fact that there is, or look for other ways to get rich quick. If you do not believe, then think about such activities as medicine, science, art, sports. In an effort to accelerate their own development, traders want to instantly go from the beginning of their studies to the highest points of their careers, but this only leads to disappointment. If there is a shortcut to achieving higher levels of performance, it is not yet found. Most traders who have a good profit for the year are not stable throughout the year. The basis of profit is 2-3 successful months a year. However, if you do not take the time to find these successful months, then you are bankrupt. From all the above, we can conclude that for the success of trading on the Forex currency exchange you need to have such abilities: The desire to achieve great achievements in this area. Emotional affection and strong interest in a particular type of activity. Willing to spend a lot of effort and time to achieve a result.

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